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GCSE Exam Results in 2022: An Analysis of Key Statistics

In 2022, students across the United Kingdom sat their GCSE exams still amid some disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenges, students have performed well overall, with many achieving excellent grades across a range of subjects.

According to data from the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), 5.4 million GCSE exam entries were recorded in 2022, with the highest number of entries in English language, mathematics, and science subjects. Of these entries, 28.5% were awarded the top grades of 9-7, while 61.1% achieved grades 9-4, which are equivalent to the old A*-C grades.

GCSE the numbers. How many students take GCSEs, subjects and what greade they achieve
GCSE Statistics Blog Post Ofqual, Excel and Pearson

Data from EdExcel and Pearson, two of the largest exam boards in the UK, show that the most popular GCSE subjects in 2022 were English language, mathematics, and science, with over 3 million entries in these subjects combined. The average grades achieved by students in these subjects were high, with English language and mathematics both averaging a grade of 5.6 and science averaging a grade of 5.3.

Looking at the breakdown of entries by region, the highest number of entries was recorded in the South East of England, with over 900,000 entries in total. The lowest number of entries was recorded in Northern Ireland, with just over 100,000 entries.

When looking at the breakdown of entries by gender, Ofqual's data reveals that there were slightly more female entries than male entries in 2022, with females making up 51.5% of entries. Additionally, the data shows that female students outperformed male students overall, with 63.3% of female entries achieving grades 9-4, compared to 58.9% of male entries.

Ofqual's data also provides information about the number of special considerations granted to students in 2022. A total of 135,130 special considerations were granted, with the majority being extra time, followed by a scribe and a reader. This information highlights the importance of providing support to students with disabilities or additional needs to ensure they have an equal opportunity to succeed in their exams.

In terms of appeals, Ofqual's data shows that there were 14,190 appeals made in 2022, with 7,035 of these being successful. This suggests that the appeals process was effective in addressing any issues with grading.

Finally, looking at the performance of schools and colleges, data from shows that 97.7% of schools and colleges in England recorded a pass rate of 9-4 in 2022. Additionally, 99.6% of schools and colleges recorded a pass rate of 9-1, which are equivalent to the old A*-G grades.

In conclusion, the 2022 GCSE exam results reflect the hard work and dedication of students and teachers amid unprecedented disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The data from Ofqual, Ed Excel, Pearson, and provides valuable insights into the performance of students and schools across the UK, and highlights the need for ongoing support for students with disabilities or additional needs.

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